Motion Video

Enhance your creative projects by leveraging our studio's natural lighting and spacious environment for captivating video production.

Motion video stands as a dynamic and compelling medium to showcase art, products, or services, adept at capturing attention and vividly conveying messages. In line with this, our studio has been thoughtfully designed to harness the beauty of abundant natural light, creating an ideal setting for video capture during photoshoots. To complement this, we also provide rental access to state-of-the-art continuous lighting packages, ensuring impeccable lighting for every frame. Please be aware, however, that while our studio offers numerous advantages, it is not officially soundproof.


Our studio offers 1414 square feet of space with 12-foot ceilings, equipped with ceiling grids, conveniently located on the 1st floor Energy ONE.

Studio Features

Key elements provided to enhance and elevate your creative vision.

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18' x 13' Cyclorama

Diffused natural light

Aputure lighting packages

Wide range of diffusers

Canon R5 rentals