Energy ONE Building
4925 Greenville Ave
Suite #130
Dallas, TX 75206

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A cutting-edge studio has arrived by Park Cities, meticulously crafted to bring your creative visions to life or host an unforgettable pop-up event. Equipped with unparalleled amenities and top-tier equipment, this space is designed to exceed all expectations and set new standards in creative execution.

The Space

Our goal was to design a space where everything a creator might need is readily at their fingertips.



DIAZ Studio boasts a sleek, minimal design, providing a clean canvas for unlimited creative possibilities.



Featuring state-of-the-art lighting, DIAZ Studio ensures every shot is perfectly illuminated.



Our expansive white cyclorama wall offers a seamless backdrop for a wide range purposes.



The studio's chic kitchenette serves as a stylish and functional space for refreshments and socializing.



Equipped with a dedicated wardrobe area, DIAZ Studio caters to all your fashion and styling requirements.



Our elegant vanity stations provide the ideal setting for makeup and grooming, ensuring every subject is camera-ready.

Creative Expression

We can deliver within the following services

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Immerse in an upscale, intimate setting purposefully designed to cater to your diverse photography needs. Whether it's for fashion, still life, editorial, catalog, or corporate shoots, capture stunning imagery with a touch of elegance.



Still Life




Motion (Video)

Transform your narratives into dynamic motion videos in our versatile studio, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and adaptable spaces.

Music Videos

Social Content


Still Life


Host engaging pop-up events in our adaptable studio space, designed to accommodate a variety of creative and interactive experiences.

Meet & Greet

Art Gallery


Cocktail Events

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have rental packages?

Yes, you can check out our rental options here: Equipment

Is the studio soundproof?

Our studio is not professionally soundproofed.

Are there furnishings available?

To maintain a minimal and clutter-free environment, our studio offers limited furnishings. However, we have a partnership with Design Within Reach, allowing access to small items for 24 hours. Please provide a 72-hour notice for reservations. Note: We are not liable for any damages.

Is there a tech station?

Yes, we provide an Inovativ cart equipped with an iMac and Capture One.

Is the Profoto Parabolic available for rent?

Yes, it is available at $175/day.

Can the studio lighting be blacked out?

Currently, our studio does not support blackout lighting. However, we offer nightly rentals as an alternative solution. For such accommodations, please add this note to your rental form.

Can I rent this space for a longer term?

Yes, for long-term rentals and special rates, please contact us. We're flexible to accommodate extended rental needs.

How does payment work?

To secure your booking, we require full payment upfront. This can be made via credit card, bank transfer, or Apple Pay.

What if I need extra setup time or additional time during my rental?

Subject to availability, extra time can be requested and is billed at $100/hr, provided there are no subsequent reservations.

Can I get a refund if I cancel?

For cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance, a fee of $25/hr for the total booked time will be charged.

What happens in case of breakage or damages?

Any damages to walls, equipment, props, or furnishings will be billed at cost plus a 15% handling fee. Please handle all items with care.

Will the white cyclorama be perfectly white?

We ensure the cyclorama is clean and usable, but it may not always be perfectly clean or scuff-free. If you require a freshly painted surface for a pristine white cyclorama, there is a $75 charge. Contact us for a preview photo.

Do you offer backdrops?

Yes, we have a 9ft retractable station with various options, including colored paper backdrops, black fabric, and white pristine walls. Our backdrop station can accommodate any type of 9ft wide material.